The School follows the ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education) syllabus. The following subjects are offered for the year 2020:


Compulsory subjects:
  • English

  • History, Civics, Geography

  • 2nd language Hindi

  • SUPW (Socially Useful & Productive Work)


It is compulsory to pass in English and SUPW.


Students are offered the option of joining the Science or Commerce group.



  • Mathematics

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology

  • Economic Applications

  • Environmental Education



  • Mathematics

  • Commercial Studies

  • Economic Applications

  • Environmental Education

  • Lower & Upper Nursery (Kindergarten) classes do not have Unit Tests.

  • Marks obtained in all the Tests and Examinations are considered for promotion to the next Class.

  • The School academic year runs from June to April. 

  • The ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education) Examination for Standard 10 and the School Final Examinations for all other classes are held in the month of March.

  • Two Unit Tests, a Mid-Term Examination and the Final Examination are conducted each year for all classes from Standard 1 to Standard 10.

Parents Day

A Parents' Day is held after each Unit Test and Examination to enable the parent to discuss the child's progress with the Class Teacher.


Report Cards must be signed by the parent after each Test/Examination and returned to the Class Teacher. Parents are welcome to meet the teacher at any other time, to discuss any specific issues, by appointment.