DNA: Tunbridge High School in Bangalore turns 50

It was celebration time on Saturday for hundreds of students and well-wishers of Tunbridge High School as they celebrated the Golden Jubilee.

The school also celebrated the award winning Maureen Ojha’s success, who was conferred with the prestigious Derozio Award 2015 in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of education and human enrichment. Maureen Ojha has been working as the principal for the last 22 years. She joined Tunbridge on January 4, 1994.

What makes Tunbridge a school with a difference is that from its very inception it has strictly followed a ‘No donation'’ policy, admitting children without discrimination of caste, religion or community. The other USP of Tunbridge is welcoming the handicapped children and placing them in the normal classroom and encouraging them to participate in co-curricular activities. Children with visual and hearing impairment and with muscular dystrophy have also got education from the school and passed with flying colours in the ICSE examinations and gone for higher studies.

Happy and humble Speaking with Iamin, Maureen Ojha, Principal, Tunbridge High School, said that she was happy and feeling humble for being conferred with Derozio Award for 2015. "I was never for awards. Many organisations had asked me to nominate myself

for awards but I declined since I had to focus on the development of the school. Last year, Secretary of ICSE from New Delhi visited Tunbridge High School. Impressed by the development of the school, the secretary recommended my name for the award,'' Maureen Ojha said.

Special care for special children Expressing satisfaction and happiness over the success of special children at Tunbridge High School, Maureen Ojha said the credit must go to the teachers who are trained to focus on special children while taking classes. "As of now we have eight special children. We encourage and facilitate them to participate in co-curricular activities along with normal students,'' Maureen Ojha said.

Sad moment When asked about memorable and sad moments while working as the principal for the last 22 years, Maureen Ojha said there were many memorable moments but only one sad moment. "I was very sad and disappointed when a girl student made false allegations against teachers in April 2015. Media persons, especially private TV channel crew members, barged into school premises without verifying the facts. Parents of the student insisted teachers to promote her to the next class even though the student failed in all subjects. I will never forget that unfortunate incident,'' Maureen Ojha said.

Background of Tunbridge High School The school was called Tunbridge English Nursery School and started with only five pupils and one teacher with only morning classes from 9am to 12 noon . It was established on January 17, 1966. The following year, the Upper Nursery class was started at the request of parents. Later, it graduated to high school by opening of class 10 in 1983. The first batch of eight pupils appeared for the ICSE examination in March 1984. The school received affiliation to the Council in New Delhi. As of now, there are 850 students and 38 teachers at Tunbridge.

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