Times of India: Compassion wins 72-yr-old teacher Derozio Award, many hearts too

BENGALURU: Born to a doc tor 72 years ago in Jodhpur, Maureen Ojha always knew what love and compassion meant to those who struggle in the world of misfortunes. After being saved in Kashmir by the Army during the India-Pakistan war, her fam ily had nothing to hold on to except their humanity which probably helped Maureen win the Derozio Award 2015 today. This award for ex cellence in the field of education is a befitting tribute to her 22 years' of service in spiring young souls. On the occasion of the golden jubilee celebrations of Turnbridge High School on Saturday , Maureen, the principal, said: "My father Dr Reginald Julian Burke was a well-known surgeon who took special care of poor people and those in villages, where I spent a part of my childhood. This ignited my urge to help the needy , but I didn't know what to do till I went to school and came under the guidance of my teachers." After convent education, Maureen completed her Masters in English from Allahabad University . "It was during my visit to Bengaluru that I met Mavis Ramsbotham, president of Tunbridge High School, who informed me about an opening for a principal. I joined in 1994." The school has 850 stu dents and she takes extra care to teach them irrespective of caste, creed, money and ability. Under her guidance, Turnbridge High School also offers education to those who are visually and hearing impaired or physically disabled. "I love children and have empathy for those with special needs. I think you don't really need special facilities as long as you have understanding and a desire to help them. We are here to care for and encourage children," Maureen said. "We provide special class es for children with special needs; they are mentored by trained teachers. They are never isolated; they take part in every school activity," said Anita Ojha, Maureen's daughter, who has been a constant support to her mother throughout her career.

Read the article on the Times of India site

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