Tunbridge High School is an inclusive school, welcoming children of all abilities. 

  • The first school in Bangalore to admit differently-abled children into regular classrooms.

  • The first school in the country to put up a 100% visually challenged student for the ICSE examination in 1995.
    She passed with flying colours (as have all others from Tunbridge since). This l
    ed to the Council setting up a framework to facilitate differently-abled students, making it possible for hundreds of such children from all across India to sit for the ICSE examination.

Shubodh H.M. ICSE 2018 Topper

Shubodh H.M. ICSE 2018 Topper

Shubodh is 100% visually impaired since birth.

Integrated education at Tunbridge

Integrated education at Tunbridge

Every child has a special ability.

Shot put state champion 2018.jpg

Tahura Ansari wins gold

and the State Championship

at the

ICSE Council Sports & Games 2018.

Tahura is hearing impaired and has successfully passed the ICSE 2019 examination.