Tunbridge High School is looking for young-minded, creative and energetic teachers to inspire a new generation of students.

Candidates should be

  • proficient in English

  • able to teach the ICSE syllabus

  • dynamic and enthusiastic in organising co-curricular activities.

If you…

  >  are more creative than knowledgeable,
  >  love children more than your subject,
  >  believe teaching is a ‘calling’ and not a ‘job’,
  >  realise that teaching is not an easy, ‘last resort’ profession,
  >  consider academic excellence as only a by-product of a true education,
  >  have faith that you are worth more than your B.Ed/D.Ed Certification,
  >  accept that you can learn more from your students than you can teach them,
  >  have the ability to listen more than talk,
  >  can make children laugh and laugh with them,

         …then we would love to hear from you!

Aspiring candidates may email  their resume to:

Phone: 080-29501011